National Geographic Journeys adds eight new trips to its 2018 inventory


National Geographic Journeys, a joint venture between G Adventures and National Geographic Expeditions, adds more trips to its itineraries and more ways to connect to the community programs supported by both the institutions.

The travel line has been operating since January 2016. However, it will start the year 2018 with a collection of 83 tours in its inventory. It’s a combination of all types of destinations ranging from less-known wildlife parks in some African countries to much-popular tourist spots in Mongolia or the Borneo Island.

Photo Credit: G Adventures

Every trip will give the travellers the opportunity to interact with local people and visit or participate in local programs. For example, the Mongolia trip will let you meet a nomadic family living in Gobi Desert, yak farmers, Buddhist monks and take part in an archery contest or learn about Takhi horses from park rangers. Similarly, a trip in Borneo will offer you the chance to visit a wildlife rehabilitation centre and enjoy the sighting of rare wildlife such as pygmy elephants, orang-utans, proboscis monkeys, and more.

National Geographic’s Head of Travel and Tour Operations, Nancy Schumacher, said that people’s interest in encountering such unique experiences during their travel trips indicates a shift of change in the traditional traveling concepts. Travellers now want to have immersing experiences that involve interactions with the local people, culture, and activities. These new tours will exploit National Geography’s rich history of discovery and exploration.

Photo Credit: G Adventures

Some of the newly added tours are Botswana & Zimbabwe Safari, Discover Bali and Java, Wildlife Parks of Tanzania, Discover Mongolia, Best of Borneo, and more. Get the details about the new trips and full listing at G Adventures.

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