Trump’s travel ban expires but could be back with stricter regulations


The notorious travel ban by the Donald Trump Administration expired on Sunday. It banned people from six Muslim-majority to enter the United States. However, a stricter policy is likely to be on its way with targeted restrictions for more countries!

According to a report published in The New York Times, the nature of restrictions would be different for particular countries, but people from all those listed nations would face a ban, more scrutiny, or refusal while seeking a visa to the U.S.

trump travel ban

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After the end of the much-criticised 90-day travel ban, the US Department of Homeland Security utters warnings about more than six countries. While the department has been trying to stop terrorists from entering the U.S., nationals of some countries have failed to comply with the security standards.

The 90-day travel ban was exercised on all refugees and the people from Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Libya, and Iran. The Supreme Court will rule on the Executive Order next month.

The Trump Administration imposed that ban initially on Iraq on January 27. It was gradually extended to a 120-day blockage on all refugees. It drew much criticism, chaos in the airports, and a barrage of lawsuits from civil liberties groups and immigration advocates.

trump travel ban

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After much tug of war between the Government and the lower courts, the White House got the favour of the US Supreme Court and the high court ordered a partial lifting of the frozen ban on July 26. Mr Trump considered it as a great victory for his fight for the American people.

Now, people have to wait and see the next Executive Order brings which countries in the red zone.

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