Grainger TV launches TV and web programs for promotion


Grainger TV, an Australian media production company that specialises in the travel industry, has launched a campaign with the aim of making a strong presence in the new world of communications. The Roseville-based TV station has produced hours of video content for distributing and telecasting through major TV networks.

The company hopes to reach more than 500,000,000 viewers through major TV channels and web outlets. The TV programs will have something between 30 and 60 minutes of duration while the web outlets will promote some one-minute pieces.

Photo Credit: Grainger TV

The web platforms that will promote and broadcast the contents are Buzzfeed, Flickr, and Daily Motion., a Chinese Government web service, and another Chinese outlet Toutiao will also take part in this campaign. It’s a part of Grainger TV’s mission of expanding their business in the growing Chinese market. The company even appoints Ange Mai, a Chinese communications expert, to tackle that market.

Some of the TV networks that will broadcast the one-hour programs are Netflix, National Geographic, and Fox. Besides, there will be 30-minute programs that will be aired on Qantas inflight and several TV channels.

Photo Credit: Grainger TV

The company has also set up an Instagram account named STUNNINGLY SPECTACULAR. Followers will get to see video footage of various destinations filmed by the company’s own TV cameramen.

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