Crooked Compass invites you to visit Mongolia’s Reindeer Tribes


Want to travel with some talented entrepreneurs to Mongolia? Well, Crooked Compass has arranged for a unique 10-day itinerary for a small group tour to visit the Reindeer Tribes of Mongolia. Crooked Compass founder Lisa Pagotto and RedBalloon founder Naomi Simson will be a part of this trip.

Ms Simson is one of the most successful businesswomen in Australia. She is best known for being a judge on Channel TEN’s reality show Shark Tank. It’s the very show where she has recently discovered Ms Pagotto and her brand the Crooked Compass.

Photo Credit: Crooked Compass

Departing June 2018, the trip will take you to the Tsaachin tribe (popularly known as Reindeer People) living across an area of 100sqkm of northern Mongolia. The diminishing tribe currently has only 200 to 400 members in total.

The nomadic community moves continuously in the search of grass and lichen. They domesticate reindeer herds for food and medicinal purposes. They made the animals a part of their household several thousands of years ago and integrated them into their linguistic, social, economic, and spiritual traditions.

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You can join the trip for AUS$4,397. You will get the chance to spend time with the tribe people and get insights about their lifestyle. Besides, both Ms Simson and Ms Pagotto will share their traveling experiences and their stories as an entrepreneur.

Visit Crooked Compass to get more information about the trip.

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