Experience the illegal border crossing with a bizarre tour in Mexico


Why do you travel a country? Why does ANYONE travel a country? To get an authentic experience about the culture, lifestyle of the locals, food, and other things, right? What if a tour takes the word ‘authentic’ too literally and offers to provide extreme experiences?

Have you ever thought of being chased and verbally abused while on holiday? Welcome to Mexico! A tour named Caminata Nocturna or the Night Walk will give you a live simulation of what it feels while crossing the border from Mexico to the United States illegally.

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Running since 2004, the Night Walk is a 12km and three-hour long obstacle course. It takes place within a recreational park named Parque EcoAlberto. The Hñahñu Indians, an indigenous group, own and operate the park. Over 70% members of this community have crossed the border to emigrate to the U.S.

So far, thousands of tourists have visited the park to get the taste that every illegal Mexican immigrant gets. You will face dangerous conditions like running across the hostile land while being chased by fake border patrol agents. There will also be sirens, firing guns, and dummy drug cartel members.

Photo Credit: Jebiga

In the past, the tour drew criticisms as some people saw it as some kind of training ground for Mexicans who want to migrate to the U.S. However, the Parque EcoAlberto sees it as a project that discourages migration. According to the park authority, the tour will teach the young people not to risk their lives for the sake of a better life in another country.

Visit Eco Alberto to know more about the tour.

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