Australian Champion Kitesurfer enjoys the surf breaks on Great Barrier Reef


Ben Wilson, the Australian Champion Kitesurfer, has released a video of his first-ever kitesurfing adventure to the largest living thing on Earth, the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.

The Sunshine Coast local has long been looking forward to kitesurfing on the Reef. The documentary shows that Mr Wilson cruises through secret surf breaks that are a rare sight to everyone except for the locals.

However, such reef-pass breaks are not something new to Mr Wilson. He is the world record holder for kitesurfing a 35-foot wave in Fiji, the largest one ever captured on film. This time, he chased the waves off the coast of Gladstone while his photographer friends Tom Rawlins and Stu Gibson shot that adventure in video footage and still snaps.

Mr Wilson found the experience of kitesurfing the Reef simply incredible. He described it as the meeting point of everything one can imagine seeing in the sea – azure water, lots of colourful fishes, and serene, quiet space blooming with vibrant coral.

Photo Credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Mr Wilson had heard rumours about those waves that occur under specific conditions. For this reason, he, along with his friends, went to explore them in April this year, when the wind, swell, and tides were in favourable conditions to create them.

Over the last two years, he made fifteen trips there and had several conversations with the locals to find out the suitable location for the adventure. However, he did not only do kiting but also snorkel and catch fish when the wind dropped.

Photo Credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Mr Wilson has a plan to shoot the second part of that documentary focusing on more kitesurfing actions and the waves in their largest form.

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