Airlines to impose new security measures for US-bound travellers


Planning to travel America anytime soon? Be prepared to undergo some lengthy security measures at the airport. Five airlines have adopted new rules to meet the new US regulations for US-bound flights and travellers.

An extension of the travel ban was not enough for the Trump Administration, so it decided to slap the airlines with some new rules and regulations. Both foreigners and US citizens will now have to face more security screening procedures at the US airports including interviews from airline employees.

Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, EgyptAir, Air France, and Emirates said that they would start the new security measures from Thursday, October 26. Another airline Royal Jordanian will start the procedures from mid-January next year.

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A spokeswoman for the TSA, Lisa Farbstein, said that the all the passengers, regardless of their nationality, would be subject to these security measures. Besides, these will be applicable for all the international US-bound flights. The security in airport terminals and around planes will be tighter and all the personal electric devices of the passengers will go through special screening.

However, the airlines will employ different ways to implement these measures. For example, Air France said that it would require all of its passengers to fill out a questionnaire while some airlines have been thinking of interrogating the travellers.

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The ban on travel and electronic devices affects some Muslim-majority countries. Emirates, the biggest airline in the Middle East region, has already decreased 20% of its flights to America.

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