Visit San Marino while it’s still not crowded with tourists


Europe was the most-visited continent in 2016. Numerous tourists visit the major cities and comparatively less-known seaside towns for experiencing the natural beauty, unique culture, and distinguished food. Does every single place receive the same touristic love? Well, not really.

San Marino is one of those destinations. The micro-state was the least-visited European country last year (only 60,000 visitors), according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization. It could be a blessing in disguise for those looking for a less crowded European place.

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Landlocked by Italy, one of the busiest travel destinations in the continent, San Marino is a beautiful small country and the world’s one of the oldest republics. It is pregnant with natural beauty, history, and culture.

San Marino has more than one UNESCO heritage sites and incredible historic architecture from the 14th to 19th century. If history does not excite you, you should visit the place at least to relish its exquisite cuisine. Its proximity to Italy makes it a foodie paradise. Anyone visiting there should try the meat items, pasta, locally-sourced wines, and desserts.

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The country is dotted with hills, rugged mountains, wineries, and beautiful landscape. The main city has many old buildings, sculptures, and statues.

The small country, having an area of only 23.6-square miles, will be great for a day trip as it’s just 40 minutes away from the Italian city of Rimini. Visit it while it’s still not an under-the-radar destination.

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