Lonely Planet names South Korea in the Best in Travel 2018 list


Lonely Planet has included South Korea in their list of best ten countries to visit in 2018. It has already been expecting a horde of visitors because of being the host of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games. Gaining the new title will definitely boost that number.

Many Australian travellers have discovered South Korea as a great destination for skiing. The country is also known for its age-old history, culture, fashion, and pop culture. People have started taking notice of its food scenario too. Lonely Planet has considered all of these aspects along with the several new attractions that have recently been added. The visitors to the country are guaranteed to enjoy a fun-filled holiday.

Yongpyong Resort. (Photo Credit: Korea Tourism Organization)

The Olympic event next year will give South Korea worldwide recognition and publicity. The government has built a new high-speed railway for the convenience of people traveling across the country to watch the Games.

Also, the Seoullo 7017 and the Seoul Sky have already garnered much attention. Opened in May 2017, Seoullo 7017 or Skygarden is a pedestrian highway built atop an abandoned highway crossing. It remains lit at night, inviting people to enjoy the night views of the city. You will also find the outlets of various restaurants along the pathway.

Seoullo 7017. (Photo Credit: Seoul)

The Seoul Sky was opened on the 2nd April 2017. It is the third highest observatory in the world. It is located in the Lotte World Tower, the tallest building in the country, and has quickly become a popular attraction in the capital city.

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