Visit Victoria launches a new campaign for promoting Melbourne


Visit Victoria launched a new campaign for Melbourne on Sunday, October 29. Interstate visitors are the target audience of this $12 million A Twist at Every Turn campaign that casts new light on the city’s many personas and challenges its traditional perceptions.

Peter Bingeman, the CEO of Visit Victoria, described Melbourne as a city that is full of surprises and that requires people engage in activities, not just be a sightseer. He said that the city was full of such experiences that the travellers could not plan for.

melbourne campaign

Photo Credit: Visit Victoria

The campaign captures Melbourne’s many moods through the journey of four young people. They uncovered some hidden gems through some unforeseen moments while trying to reach their destination.

Such a cinematic unfolding of Melbourne allows the audience to discover new faces of Melbourne. Most visitors just visit only the most popular places but the campaign wants to point out that they have been missing so much. The video (watch below) makes them realize that they need to return there to explore all the undiscovered fun and excitement.

Melbourne has a dynamic setting where the travellers can get all types of experiences – dramatic, exciting, quiet, and playful. You can go to the South Yarra, Northcote, Fitzroy, Prahran and other places brimming with local cultures. There are also riverside areas and arts precincts. The nightlife is vivid and lively with plenty of small bars, dining areas, music, and arts.

melbourne campaign

Photo Credit: Visit Victoria

Visit Victoria has been promoting this campaign on multiple platforms. It is currently using cinema, TV, online video, social media, and interactive digital utility. It will roll out more marketing activities in collaboration with Virgin Australia early next year.

Find details about the campaign at Visit Melbourne.

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