Historic Turkish town to submerge soon


An ancient Turkish village that has been a part of a 12,000-year-old history is going to be disappeared forever!

Hasankeyf, a town lies along the Tigris River in the Batman Province, is one of the oldest places to be the home of organised human communities. It was the habitat of the Byzantines, Romans, Turkic tribes, and Ottomans.

All these tribes belonged to various empires and eras have contributed to the rich history of the city. People go there to watch the ruins of those historic times and buy the souvenirs. However, everything will be gone within the next few years!

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The Ilisu Dam project on the Tigris near the village of Ilisu is going to ruin the historic city. The floodwater from the dam will sink the whole town under the water. The Turkish officials emphasise that the dam will be crucial to the irrigation and electricity in the Kurdish-dominated south-east area.

The officials promised to preserve the structures in a separate place but the plan is so ambitious that it makes local people sceptical. They think that the shifting of the monuments will not be sufficient for the preservation. The locals are ready to fight to save the city from destruction.

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However, it seems that the authority won’t succumb to any protest since the construction of the dam and hydroelectric plant is almost complete. The gates of the dam will be opened on December 31. So, it will be a matter of time for the whole Hasankeyf to go under the water.

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