Jetstar keeps fare down with an extra row of seating


Jetstar, Australia’s largest low-cost airline, announces to add an additional row of seating in the economy class.

Initially, this plan will be executed in 43 planes of the airline’s A320 fleet. It will cut down the gallery space and require the rearrangement of the toilets. However, the airline has taken this step to keep the airfare within the reach of the budget travellers.

The CEO of Jetstar Australia and New Zealand, Dean Salter, described it as a smarter way to utilize the aircraft space. He confirmed that the latest cabin design would provide more baggage space than what is currently available in the Airbus. Besides, the airline promised that the additional seats would not cut the leg room.

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Mr Salter said that the extra row, which consists six seats, would allow them to carry 600,000 passengers in a year without adding a flight. It will also allow them to transport more people during the peak holiday seasons. It means that the airline will be able to increase its capacity without spending money for extra flights, which will help it keep the fares as low as they are now.

The overhaul seems to be a response to the global consumer survey published by Choice in April this year. According to it, Jetstar scored the position to be the worst airline in the world. Total 11 consumer groups conducted the survey on 11,000 passengers from eight countries. Apparently, most of them did not have a good experience with the low-budget airline.

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However, Jetstar released a quick response, saying that the survey has no credibility. The airline’s spokesman Luke Enright said that a little more than 100 respondents in that survey were Jetstar customers while the airline served 34 million passengers last year.

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