Get a combo of thrill and luxury in the tour to a private island in Tasmania


Tasmania is a solitary island state laying off Australia’s south coast. It’s a travellers’ favourite for multi-day adventure tours as the region has many parks and reserves. However, a luxury private island retreat is going to change that experience soon.

Freycinet Adventures offers this four-day trip where the visitors will have four days of fun and great aquatic experiences in the Freycinet Peninsula. It will be a small group tour and the members will spend their time by feasting, hiking, kayaking, boating, and sleeping in a private penguin colony.

It will be a combination of experiencing nature, thrilling activities, and luxury. You will get a chance to go on adventures like trekking to Wineglass Bay and kayaking to whale spotting along with enjoying delicious local food and wine. There will also be hot showers, open fireplace, and comfortable beds.

picnic island tasmania

Photo Credit: Picnic Island Tasmania

If these adventurous activities are not enough for you, you can play Robinson Crusoe on the deserted island. You can choose to stay behind and explore the island by enjoying its natural beauty, swimming, watching the sunset, and visiting the history library.

Freycinet Adventures has some arrangements for the professionals too. Commissioned writers are allowed for famils depending on the availability and there are weekend trips for published seabird authors and professional photographers looking for experiences of snapping the aurora australis.

Picnic Island Tasmania

Photo Credit: Picnic Island Tasmania

Visit Picnic Island for getting more information about the trip. Remember that the tour agency will pick up all the visitors from Hobart.

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