Monaco chooses to focus on innovation at the TEDxMonteCarlo


Monaco is taking preparation for hosting the celebrated event TEDxMonteCarlo for the second year. This time, the tourism sector will take a cutting-edge approach to put forth innovation at the centre of its policy.

TEDxMonteCarlo is a conference that takes place once in a year in Monte Carlo. The mission of the event is to give local organisations, communities, and individuals to share ideas by interacting through TED-like experiences.

The speakers can talk about a range of things – science, entertainment, technology, business, and more. This year, more than 16 speakers will share their innovative ideas on some hot topics such as security, transparency, entrepreneurship. The speeches are likely to focus on the current world challenges and how to react to the status quo.

This year’s event will take place at Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum on Saturday, November 11. Themed around the slogan ‘License to Know’, over 600 people will join the event to listen and actively participate in the sharing of ideas.


Monte Carlo Country Club. (Photo Credit: Monaco Government Tourist Bureau)

Changing the world and contributing to its sustainability have always been a priority to the Principality of Monaco. It has active participation in the search for renewable energy, sustainability, research on environments and ocean, and reducing carbon emission.

Albert II, the Prince of Monaco and the head of Monaco Foundation, is a champion of projects that deal with finding new sources of renewable energies and climate change. TEDxMonteCarlo’s works are in line with the vision of the country.


Grimaldi Forum. (Photo Credit: Monaco Government Tourist Bureau)

TED is a non-profit organisation that started its journey in 1984. It’s a platform for people to connect with each other through three disciplines – Technology, Entertainment, and Design.

To know more about the event and book your ticket, visit TEDxMonteCarlo.

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