Get paid for living and travelling in Cancun


Who does not love to sit on the beach, sipping cocktails, and posting those photos on social media? What if you even get paid for all of these? Sounds like a dream comes true!

A travel website Cancun is offering this dream job! You will get paid for drinking piña coladas on the beach and sharing your experience with your social media followers. The applicants even don’t need any prior job experience!

Cancun, a travel site offering hospitality to the travellers willing to book a holiday to Cancun in Mexico, is looking for a Cancun Experience Officer (CEO) to be the face of the brand and its newly launched website. The remuneration for the six-month gig will be $60,000!

Photo Credit: Cancun

Chad Meyerson, the General Manager of said that they could not wait to get started with the search for their CEO. According to him, the responsibility of the new hire would be to show what Cancun has to offer to the rest of the world.

Cancún is a city in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Bordering the Caribbean Sea, it is famous for pristine beaches, beautiful resorts and hotels, and nightlife. Mr Meyerson hoped that their brand ambassador would be able to promote the local community and culture.

Photo Credit: Business Insider

The selected person will receive $10,000 per month including all living expenses. Also, that person will get VIP access to all the clubs and notable activities.

Interested in having a lifetime experience of getting paid for living and traveling around Mexico? Go to CEO Cancun and apply before December 17. You have to upload a one-minute video explaining your suitability for the job.

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