The Aurora Season is in full swing in Fairbanks


A huge number of visitors from all over the world are travelling to Fairbanks, the largest city in Alaska’s Interior region, to watch the aurora borealis. The Aurora Season has started there on August 21 and will last until April 21, 2018.

Fairbanks is an ideal place for watching the aurora borealis views. The city’s location is under the “Auroral Oval,” a zone where the polar lights show most of their activities. You will also get mostly clear nights there because of its distance from coastal areas and the low rate of rainfall.

From the unique geographical placement to the favourable climate – everything contributes to making Fairbanks the best destination in Alaska to watch the northern lights. To many, it is indeed one of the most outstanding places in the whole world for the viewing of aurora borealis.

The National Geographic Magazines considers Fairbanks to the best place in America, agreed by both Smithsonian Magazines and Travel + Leisure.

The best time to watch aurora borealis in Fairbanks is from late evening to early morning because the lights are the most intense during that period. Depending on the conditions of the sky and weather, the lights are clearly visible in four out of five nights on average. So, any visitor is likely to enjoy the beautiful aurora borealis if stays there for at least three days and be watchful during those active periods.

There are many ways to relish the stunning views. You can watch the lights while on a dog sled or in a cottage. You can collect a personalised aurora certificate from the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Centre in downtown Fairbanks after spotting the northern lights.

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