The Reef Chat this month features news about the coral spawning


The regeneration of the Great Barrier Reef is a part of the mission of the Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ). The recent coral spawning seems to be a great push to that goal.

The coral reproduction has captured the attention of media all over the world. Pip Close, the Chief Executive Officer of TTNQ, considered the annual coral spawn as a sign of hope for those people who were concerned about the perishing ecosystem and life signs of the Reef.

The breeding happened last week and is likely to occur again after the full moon next month. Ms Close appreciated newspaper reports and digital media broadcasting around the world featuring this news.

TTNQ’s monthly e-newsletter Reef Chat also includes this news in the November edition. It features some riveting videos and images of the coral spawning along with many stories about the Great Barrier Reef. Anyone can get this free e-newsletter by filling out this form.

Photo Credit: Tourism Tropical North Queensland

Ms Close considers Reef Chat as a great way of spreading the words about the Reef to more and more people around the world. She thinks that it will help to keep the conversation about this beautiful World Heritage alive and encourage people to contribute to its survival.

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