The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium offers the most exciting job!


This month is going great for the dream job seekers. Travel site Cancun has offered the first one requiring the employee to do nothing except for visiting the local attractions and sharing the experiences on social media! Now, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is offering another unconventional but attractive job.

Are you an animal lover? Does cuddling penguins and diving with sharks sound like something you want to start your day with? Then, you are perfectly suitable for the role of Displays Curator.

The Aquarium in Sydney, which has the largest collection of Australian marine life in the world, has opened a new position and called for applications from all the animal lovers. It offers a full-time paid position to someone who can supervise the upkeep of the animal collection.

The Aquarium has a splendid collection of sea creatures from the Great Barrier Reef and more than 12,000 animals belonged to 650 species collected from across the Shark Valley region. Also, you will see plenty of Gentoo and King penguins in its Sub-Antarctic penguin exhibit.

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Sea Life Sydney Aquarium’s General Manager, Richard Dilly, said that the role of Displays Curator is unique in the sense that the job is challenging but equally exciting. The curator will have a team of dedicated team of professionals for assistance.

Mr Dilly said that they were looking for someone who is driven to work for the Australian oceans and their creatures along with offering the visiting guests amazing experiences.

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Get more information about the requirements and rules for applying for the job on Sydney Aquarium. The last date of sending the documents is December 1, 2017.

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