Your Safety Comes First While Travelling The High Seas


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For travellers who plan to cruise the high seas for holidays or vacations, plan on encountering new safety guidelines.

Elemental security and safety protocols have been adopted by the European Cruise Council (ECC) and the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA.)

These new policies titled, Common Elements of Musters and Emergency Instructions; and Nationality of Passengers, are geared toward securing a passengers well-being and whereabouts during an emergency.

The Common Elements of Musters and Emergency Instructions procedures were put in place to explain to passengers, emergency evacuation practices, and rudimentary safety features and protocol.

Cruise Ship PassengersManfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio, ECC’s Chairman said, the new procedures “will provide our guests with the confidence that they are receiving the same key safety messages no matter which ship they cruise.”

In addition, the Nationality of Passengers guiding principles will document each passenger’s nationality which will be made accessible to all search and rescue workers.

Here’s a look at the Nationality of Passengers policy, as well as the Common Elements of Musters and Emergency Instructions policy.

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