Visit Kinosaki Onsen to revitalise yourself after a ski holiday


Japan is best known for shrines, temples, and palaces but it has several beautiful ski resorts too. If you are thinking of spending a ski holiday there, add Kinosaki Onsen to the list for enjoying two attractions – skiing and culture – in a single trip.

A town built entirely for the tourists, Kinosaki Onsen is a place that should be on your list if you ever plan to visit Japan. The place is brimming with the spirit of old Japan, offering scenery, atmosphere, and culture that are rarely available in the everyday, modern Japan. It also has yukata, Danjiri Festival, and world’s most reputable hot springs.

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Visit Kinosaki’s Regional Director in Australia, Alison-Roberts Brown, said that the town is a must-see for everyone willing to go beyond the slopes and experience a taste of the old, real Japan. Besides, the onsens will warm everyone up after the chilling ski holiday.

The waters of natural hot springs (onsens) have amazing healing properties. Taking baths in these springs will cure you of muscular and nerve pain, fatigue, bruising, digestive problems, and more. So, it will be the perfect way to reenergise your mind and body after a ski holiday.

Photo Credit: Visit Kinosaki

However, first-time visitors should know that onsen-ing has lots of rules and you have to be respectful to them. You have to get your Yukata on (a traditional summer garment in Japan) and a pair of Geta (Japanese wooden sandals). There are also rules about how to take the pre-bath shower and use the changing room. Check out Visit Kinosaki to know the do’s and don’ts of an onsen bath.

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