Cities struggling with tourists! Should you avoid them in 2018?


Who does not want to travel the popular destinations in the world? Europe has so much popularity in the recent years because of being the home to numerous tourist attractions, dazzling artistic culture, diverse landscape, and epic history. But, you may have to cross some of the cities off of your travel list!

Every good thing comes with a catch! The influx of tourists in various European destinations has been a boon to the local economy but not all the locals are happy. The discontented locals in several cities demonstrated protests against the tourists.

A protest in Mallorca, Spain. (Photo Credit: Boutique Hotel News)

A report Coping with Success: Managing Overcrowding in Tourist Destinations by the World Travel and Tourism Council pointed out the main reasons for the anger of the locals. Due to the overcrowded infrastructure and irresponsible behaviour of the tourists that created threats to their nature, culture, and heritage, they felt that visitors were pushing them out of their homes.

According to the report, the cities that have been severely struggling are Warsaw (the capital of Poland), Rome (the capital of Italy), Venice (a city in Italy), Macau (an autonomous region on China’s south coast), Kuala Lumpur (the capital of Malaysia), Dubrovnik (a city in Croatia), and Amsterdam (the capital of the Netherlands).

How to cope up with the problem?

The Spanish Government has already started raising taxes in some places including the tourist-favourite Balearic Islands so that few people return there next year for the holidays. The Dutch Government banned the construction of any new tourist shop in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam bans building new tourist shops. (Photo Credit: Mix Mag)

However, discouraging the visitors could not be a solution since the local economy in many places depends on the on a large scale. Besides, the travel and tourism industry is supposed to grow, creating new opportunities and jobs. People travelling more and more is also important for keeping up the world peace.

The report suggested that the local authorities should spread the visitors out across the year and different locations through a daily cap. Also, promoting the lesser-known areas will take the pressure out of the overcrowded places. Iceland has already started acting on that plan while Visit Britain has been working to take the focus of the tourists from London to other parts of the country.

Crowds are vexing the local people. (Photo Credit: Independent)

Instead of dropping any destination from your travel list, travel more sensibly. Carefully, pick up the locations and timing of your vacation so that locals don’t have to struggle to strike the right balance between everything.

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