Qantas refuses to compensate for the flight delay before Christmas


The Christmas did not go well for many Qantas passengers as they were left stranded in Dubai for more than 10 hours. To add insult to injury, the airline refuses to pay them any compensation for their ordeal!

The Qantas flight QF1 left Sydney on December 23 and it was supposed to arrive London before the Christmas time. However, the plane has to divert from its course because of heavy fog in Dubai. It went 150km south of its route and landed in Al Ain International Airport. The passengers stuck there and had to wait on the plane for more than 10 hours.

A Qantas spokeswoman said that a mechanical fault along with the fog extended the delay. They had to call for an engineer and bring spare parts from Dubai to fix the problem.

Qantas flight delay

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

In the meantime, passengers vented their frustration and anger via social media. They complained that the staff did not let them disembark the plane and kept them there without any food for over six hours. However, the spokeswoman said that they provided the guests on board with food and allowed them to disembark when the delay extended.

When the plane reached Dubai, the airline offered passengers two options – stay in a hotel room to spend the night or the next available Qantas or a partner airline flight to fly to London.

qantas flight delay

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

The airline will not compensate the passengers for the ordeal they had to go through despite several people complaining online that Qantas had ruined their Christmas. The passengers will have to make claims through their travel insurance.

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