Queenstown Airport: International Passengers Pay Less As Domestic Passengers Pay More!



Queenstown Airport just released its new fee structure.  Beginning July 1, 2012, the airport will eliminate the international departure charge which is currently set at NZ$25.

Scott Paterson, Chief Executive Officer for the Queenstown Airport said the international departure fee has been a thorn in the side to many passengers.  Paterson also noted that the last time the Queenstown Airport adjusted its fee structure was in 2004.

”The system will remain in place for nine years with charges being reset at years three and six to address any differences between forecast and actual passenger volumes and financing costs.”

During the past several months Paterson has been working with travellers to not only rid itself of the international departure fee but to complete a new billing structure for landing fees.

“Essentially we set out to rebalance and simplify airport charges across passenger types and we’ve been able to remove several charges and fees, which have previously been separately levied.”


In fact, passengers who travel internationally will save with the axing of the NZ$25 international departure fee, in addition to decreasing airline fees by NZ$1.61 per international traveller.

However, passengers who travel domestically will see a small boost in fees, with jet-bound passengers paying NZ$0.09 more and turboprop-bound passengers paying NZ$1.99 more.

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