Tourist destinations under the risk of terror attacks in 2018


The year 2017 has seen a number of terrorist attacks. They might not be as fatal as the 2015 Bataclan shooting in Paris (130 dead) or the 2016 Nice truck charge (86 dead), but had quite an impact. To name a few are the Westminster Bridge attack, Stockholm truck rampage, and the subway bombing in Saint Petersburg. The bombing in the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester was the most notorious one, leaving 22 children and adults dead.

While you should not deter from travelling because of the terrorists, it makes sense to stay alert and careful. The UK Foreign Office released a map showing the countries that are at the risk of possible terror attacks.

Van rampage in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas promenade. (Photo Credit: SCMP)

The map marks several of the tourist hotspots in various countries as ‘high risk’ areas. Some of the popular destinations in the Philippines, Thailand, and the Maldives appear to be the possible prime targets.

Some of the holiday hotspots in the United States, Russia, and France received the highest alert signal. The UK Foreign Office also did not rule out the possibility of a surge in terrorist activity in these countries. Australia is much safer comparatively as the terror threat warning for this country has been raised to the ‘probable’ level.

The Map released by the UK Foreign Office. (Photo Credit:

The Foreign Office said that the terrorists have shifted their focus from the well-protected spots to places that don’t have much protection but still visited by westerners. So, everything from hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and to weakly-protected tourist sites could be the target of the terrorists.

In fact, no country in the world is safe from terrorist attacks, and they are likely to happen with little or no warning.

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