Australian tourist died in a Bali hotel room


It was supposed to be a romantic getaway for the Australian tourist but ended up as a tragedy. The Australian man died in his Bali hotel room on Saturday, January 6.

The man named Clinton James Dally was on a vacation in Bali with his short-term girlfriend Ni Ketut Kartika. His body was found in his hotel room. Indonesia authorities are currently investigating the incident. However, they primarily ruled it as a heart attack.

Mr Dally checked into that Kuta hotel named Matahari Bungalow with his girlfriend on Friday. Later that evening, he complained of a headache after drinking some beer. He then took Panadol, a medication for treating pain and fever, and went to sleep that night.

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Mr Dally woke up next morning but again complained of a stomach pain after having his breakfast. The couple went shopping, but they returned to the hotel after his condition became worse. His girlfriend later found him unconscious in the bed. She informed the hotel employees and asked them to call a doctor. However, he died before the arrival of the doctor.

The doctor and the local police suspected it to be a death by heart attack. I Nyoman Wirajaya, the Kuta police chief, said that they did not find anything in the hotel room. They also did not find any trace of foul play.

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Mr Dally’s Balinese girlfriend said that they had been together for nearly three months and she had not seen him suffering from any health problems. He was working for Doray Minerals as a fly-in, fly-out process technician, according to the information found on his Facebook profile.

The dead body is currently at the Sanglah morgue. The Australian authorities have contacted Mr Dally’s relatives. They will decide whether to do an autopsy in Bali.

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