Australian tourists survived hot air balloon crash in Egypt


A balloon flight over Luxor crashed and injured twelve people and left one dead. Seven Australian tourists were on that flight, but they survived without any major wounds.

The tragedy on Friday, January 5, took the life of one South African tourist. The police detained four people over the accident. The suspects including the balloon’s pilot and two officials from the company that owns that balloon tour will remain in custody for at least four days. The law-enforcing authorities are currently investigating the incident.

Photo Credit: News Talk ZB

The balloon took off at sunrise on Friday. It rose to an altitude of 450 meters and flew for 45 minutes before the pilot lost control due to strong wind. The Seven Network reported by referring to one Australian who was onboard that a big gust of wind knocked out the pilot. So, the balloon just plunged into the land because there was no one to steer and operate it.

The balloon took 20 passengers on a Topdeck tour, but it went off course over a mountainous area. It was a hard landing according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Egypt. There were other balloons that took off at the same time, but they had landed safely.

Photo Credit: The Guardian

The incidents of hot air balloon crashes are not new for Luxor. The city experienced a deadly accident in 2013 when a balloon caught fire, crashed, and killed 19 tourists.

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