Top secret airline is hiring cabin crew for Area 51 flights


Growing up, you must have heard many stories circulating around Area 51. The classified area is open to only some US government workers. What if you get the chance to land there? Perhaps not as an employee of the US government but as the crew of an airline that flies these people over there?

Area 51 is a highly-classified facility of Edward Air Force Base, which is a southern California installation of the United States Air Force. It’s a popular subject to the conspiracy theorists who believe that the area is the storehouse of the crashed UFO spacecrafts and the laboratory where the scientists reverse-engineer the alien technology.

Well, now you get the chance to enter the mysterious area as a crewmember of the world’s most mysterious airline – Janet Airlines. It flies the government workers from Las Vegas to the classified facility in Nevada in unmarked planes.

Photo Credit: The Sun

Janet Airlines is looking for flight crew for their flights to Area 51. They are looking for people who are not only skilled in dealing stressful situations but also qualify for top secret ‘government security clearance’. Also, they have to have the mental strength to deal with dangerous, unusual situations such as bomb threats and plane hijacking.

Janet Airlines is not like other regular carriers operating flights in various routes. The name is an abbreviation of ‘Just Another Non-Existent Terminal’. There’s only a little information available about this airline. The people working there have to undergo strict security measures and they are obligated not to reveal anything about their job or the places they go.

Photo Credit: The Aviationist

The job advertisement was posted on the website of AECOM, a private defence contractor. It is currently showing unavailable but you can search for other jobs.

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