UAE complains interception of its commercial flights by Qatari fighter jets


The United Aram Emirates claimed that a couple of fighter jets from Qatar intercepted two of its commercial airlines. The UAE officials asserted that the movement of the jects could put the passengers at risk.

Four Arab nations, including the UAE, have been boycotting Qatar for months. The allegation of fighter jets intercepting airlines in international airspace will increase the tension even more. The two flights belong to Emirates and Etihad, and they were on their way to Bahrain when the incident happened. However, Qatari officials denied the allegation.

The accusation made on Monday followed two complaints by Qatar to the United Nations about the violation of its international airspace by Emirati military aircraft. The UAE denied their involvement, though.

A fighter jet. Photo Credit: Hindustan Times

The UAE is the home to Dubai International Airport, one of the busiest international airports in the world. The country’s airlines operate many flights that are crucial to the connection between the East and West.

The Foreign Ministry of Qatar released a statement on Monday night, accusing the UAE of making a false claim about the interception. It said that the charge was nothing but a ploy to draw attention from the incidents that caused the actual media crisis.

Photo Credit: CNN

The statement refers to the video of Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al Thani, an exiled member of the Qatari ruling family. Saudi Arabia once promoted him as a candidate for replacing the country’s ruling emir. Mr Al Thani claimed in that video released on Sunday night that the UAE government had held him against his will.

Neither Etihad nor Emirates made any comment about the alleged interception by the Qatari fighter jets.

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