Lonely Planet publishes a handbook for solo travellers


Is the travel industry doing enough for solo travellers? Lonely Planet does not think so! The world’s largest travel guide book publisher urges the industry step their game up for the small but growing niche.

Lonely Planet, a leading travel authority in the world, conducted a survey among its global community of travellers. The research shows that more than 1 in 3 participating Aussie travellers voiced their discontent of the disadvantage of travelling alone. The ratio is concerning because 85% of the respondents said that they had either taken or planned to have a solo trip.

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The research shows that solo travellers have to pay more compared to when they travel with family and friends. The extra costs account for more than 50% on accommodation and almost 20% on travel insurance.

The survey reveals that when people single alone, they are faced with fewer choices and poor services. They have to pay for things that they did not have to if traveling with a group. The restaurants provided the worst of services including poor staff behaviour, providing seating in bad places, and sometimes refusing bookings.

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Against all the odds, the solo travel trend has been growing at a steady rate and the demographics spread across various age groups.

Lonely Planet has published a handbook this month dedicated to the solo travellers. The Solo Travelling Handbook offers advice and top tips on how to stay safe and healthy, meet people, be a sustainable traveller, and more from their experts.

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