Latitude 33 offers luxury, immersive travel trips


There was a time when people used to join a group tour and see as many places as possible within a short time. But, travellers these days don’t want those long hours of motoring around in a jeep or coach stuffed with fellow travellers. Modern trippers prefer quality over quantity. Is there any travel operator that responds to this call?

Latitude 33 acknowledges this growing trend and provides a couple of organised tours allowing the visitors to enjoy a relaxed trip. Tourists these days want to have a slow trip where they can get under the skin of their visited places. The luxury tour company ensures that you don’t have to see your bucket-list places just flashing past the window.

Brett Dudley, the founder of Latitude 33, said that they had small group travel itineraries for people who want to avoid generic group tours. According to him, their journeys will give trippers the time to enjoy and their accommodation selections are also something more than just a place to spend the night.

Photo Credit: Latitude 33

Latitude 33 offers several journeys to Africa, Amazon, Antarctica, Europe, Australia, Asia, and many other places. These luxury trips give the visitors enough time to explore each of the destinations.

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