Dreamworld reopens the popular log ride with more safety measures


Dreamworld has reopened its Rocky Hollow Log Ride, one of the most popular attractions of the theme parks. The ride was shut down over a year ago when a teen visitor almost lost his life on it.

The authority of the famous theme park on the Gold Coast has brought some changes to the family-friendly ride to make it safer. The logs on which people sit now have metal frames and Perspex canopies. A spokesperson for Dreamworld said that the awning had been added to prevent riders from standing up.

A teenager injured himself badly after falling out of the log ride almost two years ago in April 2017. He fell into the water and became unconscious when two other boats ran over him. He suffered multiple fractures, injuries, and an acute respiratory failure. He is still on counselling as a part of his recovering process.

New, Safe Log Ride. Photo Credit: Dreamworld

The authority closed down the ride after that horrific accident. However, the Worksafe Queensland inspectors cleared it of any danger, allowing it to reopen. In October 2016, another accident to the park’s Thunder River Rapids ride killed four visitors. These two rides had been the park’s oldest and had been there since its opening 35 years ago. Dreamworld also announced the opening of the WipeOut ride – one of its ‘big nine’ thrill-seeker attractions – after thorough safety checks spanning for over a year.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The restart of these three rides means that the theme park is again at its full operational capacity with more safety measures.

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