The Sunshine State wants positive words in weather forecasts


The Sunshine State wants to ban rain not only from its name but from the weather forecasts too. The tourism industry in Queensland criticized the weather bureau for using negative words in the forecasts.

The Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) does not want the meteorologists to use some words like ‘rain’ or ‘cloudy’ in the forecasts because these can discourage the visitors and tourists.

The QTIC wants the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) to coat their words with a sunnier disposition when predicting about the weather. Daniel Gschwind, the Chief Executive of QTIC, suggested that the nowcasts from the meteorologists should include the words ‘likely sunshine’ and mostly sunny’ instead of ‘chance of rain’ and ‘partly cloudy.’ Among other suggested changes were ‘cool day’ and ‘cooling down rain (after a hot day)’ for ‘overcast’ and ‘showers.’

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According to Mr Gschwind, travellers, especially the day trippers, take weather predictions too seriously. Negative forecasting also affects weekend tours and spontaneous trips. So, they rather want to reword the rain forecasts in a positive way so that domestic travellers don’t feel discouraged to plan a trip.

Dr Pierre Benckendorff, the tourism expert at the University of Queensland, agreed that positive words in weather forecasts did psychologically manipulate the travellers. He said that the number of visitors at various destinations and the accommodation rate in hotels drop when the weather predictions are less favourable.

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Not only tourism but a lot of industries rely on accurate weather forecasts. According to Benckendorff, the change of certain words will still make the nowcasts informative to other industries without spooking the tourists.

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