Thousands of lights illuminate the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge


The Harbour Bridge, an iconic destination in New Zealand’s major city Auckland, came to life with a wonderful light show. Thousands of people showed up for watching the beautiful light display.

It was a six-minute show featuring exclusively composed Vector Lights accompanied with the echoes of Polynesian drums, original music, and stunning effects of lighting. The residents enjoyed the opening show sequence from various spots across the city.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Photo Credit: Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED)

The Vector Lights show was world’s first solar, battery, and peer-to-peer powered light show. It shows a smarter way to power the city.

Phil Goff, the Mayor of Auckland, described the light show as a new way to add excitement and vivacity to the city. He also saw it as a fulfilment of the commitment to lowering carbon emissions.

Vector Lights uses a renewable energy technology. There are 630 solar panels and 90,000 LED bulbs across the eight-lane motorway bridge. The system is pioneering in the sense that each light can be programmed separately, making it possible to create numerous designs and effects.

The Harbour Bridge is already a major attraction in Auckland. The lighting arrangement will further enhance its beauty and make it a hotspot for celebrating the significant events in the city.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Photo Credit: Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED)

Vector Lights is a venture that emerges due to the smart energy partnership between Auckland Council and Vector – an energy firm based in New Zealand. The NZ Transport Agency is also a collaborator in this project.

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