Viking selling tickets for 2019 river cruise tours


Viking has put the tickets for river cruises in 2019 for sale. The good news is you can purchase them at 2018 prices!

The itineraries cover everything in between traditional crowd-favourites and the destinations that are currently trending. The guests will have the opportunity to explore more European locations, the Black Sea coastline and lush landscapes in Ukraine, and the jaw-dropping scenery and treasures in Russia. The ship will also cruise along the ancient wonders of Egypt and cover the mighty river Mekong in Southeast Asia.

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The value offers not only provides tickets at the 2018 prices but also some extra features such as:

  1. On itineraries of 12 days or less in Europe or Ukraine, you can fly for $995pp if you book any of the suite and stateroom categories. The tours include are Passage to Eastern Europe (11-day) and Lyon to Provence (8-day).
  2. Get the flight charge free on itineraries of 13 days or more in Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, and Europe. The tours include are Waterways of the Tsars (13-day) and Grand European Tour (15-day).

You will get the special prices and all those additional offers upon booking before April 30, 2018. The tickets will be available until sold out.

The Viking Longships are the vessels that will take the guests to these exciting tours. These ships have all the amenities of a luxurious, boutique hotel. Experienced Swiss-trained staff will provide the hospitality services.

Photo Credit: Viking Cruises

The prices for the trips ranging between 8 and 23 days start from $3,295pp. On-board meals, wine, beer, unlimited Wi-Fi, and a number of other services are included in the package.

Viking expects the tickets to be sold out quickly because of the growing demand for their river cruises. Hurry up and book your seats by visiting Viking Cruises.

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