Google to predict flight delays before the airlines


Could anything be more frustrating than waiting for your flight and then hearing the sudden announcement of delay? Well, Google has a solution for that! The technology giant has released a digital tool that can predict the delays – even before the airlines!

The Google Flights app is already popular for scoring cheap flights and airline tickets. It lets you choose from the best flight deals by comparing the fares of hundreds of airlines against each other. An updated version of that app will now warn the passengers about their flight running late.

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The app has shown excellent accuracy in envisaging flight delays. It estimates and examines weather, the aircraft, flight route, flight trends, historical data, and a few other factors to make the predictions. Another impressive thing is it makes the projections only when the algorithm is at least 80% sure about the delay.

The flight product manager of Google, Anket Mathur, said that flight delays affect all the travellers especially this time of the year when a large number of people head towards mountain slopes for snowboarding and skiing and tropical getaways. According to him, the app could reduce their stress by guessing the flight delays before the announcement of the airlines.

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Mr Mathur still advised people to reach the airport with sufficient spare time. He hoped that the app would help people to deal with the expected delays and unexpected surprises.

To enjoy the facility, you don’t have to do anything except for searching your flight on the Google Flights and it will show if there is any possibility of delay along with other information.

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