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Japan is not only known for its electronics and advanced technologies but also for its numerous attractions too. It’s the home to thousands of shrines and temples, palaces, national parks, and plenty of other attractions. Walk Japan offers a new way to explore the country’s charms – through walking!

Walk Japan is a tour company that operates enjoyable walking tours in various Japanese destinations. National Geographic has honoured it as one of ‘The Best 200 Adventure Travel Companies on Earth’. Their exclusively tailored walking tours offer travellers the opportunity to experience gratifying exercise while exploring the cuisine, culture, and other attractions.

Beach on Himeshima. Photo Credit: Walk Japan

You can choose between easy and challenging tours covering a distance of 4km to 24km. Guides and tour leaders supervise all the trips and always keep the walking at a comfortable pace. The travellers will also get to taste gourmet feast in each trip.

If you love walking through forest trails and grassy tracks of farmland, the Oita Hot Spring Trail is ideal for you. After walking for 4 hours each day, you will get the opportunity to bath in hot springs, which are known for extremely beneficial to health.

Oita Hot Spring Tour. Photo Credit: Walk Japan

If walking along coastal trails and soaking into the surrounding natural beauty are what attract you, register a booking for the Izu Geo Trail. Walk through the breathtaking Geological Park in the Izu Peninsula and enjoy its waterfalls, beaches, historical traces, geological formation, seafood cuisine, and baths in hot springs.

Izu Geo Trail. Photo Credit: Walk Japan

There are more tours including Winter Nakasendo Way, Kumano Wayfarer, East Hokkaido Walk, and others. To have details about them and the prices, visit Walk Japan.

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