Tiger Airways Receives A Clean Bill Of Safety Health


Tiger Airways

TIGER Airways is back! And they say, ‘with a vengeance.’ Just a year ago, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) stripped Tiger Airways of its flight abilities due to security and safety issues.

Yesterday, Tiger Airways (TA) jump started business by revealing their new Sydney operations.  According to Chief Executive, Andrew David, TA would have up to three A320s fully operational and flying out of Terminal 2 by October 2012.

At a cost of $40 one-way, TA will offer flights to Melbourne, out of Sydney.  David says the aviation company is in no hurry to make big bucks as the focus is creating new jobs and getting their aircrafts in the air and travellers aboard.

The key for us to get back into the black is to get all our aircraft flying… We’ll have our fleet fully utilised by October and then obviously the next challenge is to get to profit…

A lot of people had written us off after the grounding and we’re still here 12 months on and we’re still growing… There were clearly mistakes made in a number of areas. In some cases we didn’t have the people we needed.

We’ve gone out and got the right people in the right areas… We have already proved a number of people wrong by coming back from the grounding.

Tiger Airways - Passengers

Though David said the task of consumer confidence won’t be easy, TA is up for the challenge.

It’s been a struggle for any airline to make it as the third carrier in this country.

But we’ve gone from being the worst on-time performing airline in the country to the best for 10 months in a row.

We’re also bringing good, healthy competition to the market and I reckon there will be enough people out there willing to fly with us.

David also suggested that since TA is now offering affordable fares, Virgin Australia and Jetstar will soon follow.

TA hit big financial trouble when all flights were grounded for up to six weeks over a number of safety issues which involved getting dinged for flying lower than the minimum altitude requirements.  In addition, TAs sister company Singapore Airlines lost roughly $104 million in as little as a year.

Fast forward through today; CASA has given TA a clean bill of health with its safety issues now at bay, as TA is ready to fly the friendly skies again, with low-cost fares, and YOU on board.

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