Soneva announces a year-long campaign


Soneva announces to celebrate the rare experiences and guest activities across its resorts this year with a year-long campaign Festival of Colour, which runs from February 2018 to February 2019.

The leading luxury resort operator in the world launches its first-ever campaign that will highlight the uniqueness of Soneva resorts through a series of activities. The campaign assigns separate colours and themes to each month of the year, which will be celebrated at Soneva’s various resorts across Thailand and the Maldives.

The guests at the resorts will be the direct beneficiaries of this campaign. Throughout the year, they will get to enjoy services from Michelin-starred chefs, wine producers, wellness practitioners, champion free-divers, authors, artists, astronomers, and more.

Fine dining has always been a strong suit of Soneva resorts. They will do their best to keep that legacy up during the campaign by inviting many of the world’s top chefs to organise exclusive dinner events.

Another attraction of this campaign is the series of short films shot by Bruno Aveillan, a prominent French film director. Each of the films uses one colour each from the campaign as the theme. Soneva will release one film each month on its social media account and website as a part of the campaign.

Photo Credit: Soneva

The Founder and CEO of Soneva, Sonu Shivdasani, promises the guests the experiences of a lifetime. All the guests at the resorts during Festival of Colour will get to enjoy canapes, cocktails, movie screenings, and more.

Visit Soneva’s website to get more information about the campaign.

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