Inflighto releases the updated version of their in-flight app


Inflighto announces the release of an updated version of Inflighto – an app for in-flight entertainment and tracking of flights.

Australian-based company Inflighto Pty Ltd updated their in-flight app and released it in the Google Play store and Apple App Store on February 13. It’s the first app of its kind due to the fact that pilots designed it for the use of passengers on board.

Satellite View With Map. Photo Credit: Inflighto

Christopher Smyth, the Inflighto Director, sounded excited about the release of a new version. He labelled the new update as the ‘most significant’ since the launching of Inflighto. It’s the only app that shows Live Weather Radar and Live Marine Vessel Tracking. Also, the new version has faster flight search option and International Air Transport Association (IATA) Airport Search.

Live Weather Radar. Photo Credit: Inflighto

You can also subscribe to Premium Economy and Business Class for enjoying ad-free service and some premium features and contents. Subscription can be cancelled anytime without any hassle.

Inflighto is the first flight-tracking app that has features to show geo-located tourist destinations, attractions, and events information. The premium subscribers will have the advantages of having the landmarks and important structures in the flight path showed on ‘moving maps’.

Photo Credit: Inflighto

Two Australian pilots are the founders of Inflighto. They wanted to create an app that can give passengers the answers to their most-asked questions.

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