Mount Sinabung eruption forces people to evacuate the area


While everyone was worried about the belligerent Mount Agung, another volcano in the South Pacific woke up. The scariest part is Mount Sinabung seems to be very angry.

The new volcano on Sumatra Island in Indonesia was exploded on Monday. The way it roared and let of steam reminded every one of Hollywood disaster movies. To worsen the situation, there were multiple earthquakes and raining of small rocks upon the neighbouring villages.

Everything happened so quickly that panicked residents and tourists had to evacuate the area pretty fast. The plume of ash went 5km into the air while volcanic material raced down the slopes at 600-800°C temperatures.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

It was the strongest eruption in that area in the last five years. The amount of ash and smoke was so enormous that the visibility was only about five meters in the surrounding areas. Local people took to social media to describe their experiences and post videos of the raging volcano.

There were thick layers of debris and ashes on the streets and the air. The rescue operation teams are having difficulty in those hostile conditions. However, many people are still not ready to evacuate despite the imminent danger.

Photo Credit: ABC

Mount Sinabung has been showing signs of coming to life since 2010. Its intermittent emissions have forced approximately 30,000 people to leave the area. Experts are not sure when it will end its fatal tirade and become quiet.

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