Catch the million dollar fish in an NT holiday!


Are you up for winning a million dollar while catching fishes? Buckle up for NT’s celebrated Million Dollar Fish competition.

Tourism NT is expecting over 40,000 international visitors and almost equal number of locals to the territory for the event. After all, who does not want to catch fish and win a million dollar along the way?

This will be the third season of the widely popular competition. In fact, fishing is the most popular leisure activity in the Northern Territory because the region has the highest numbers of barramundi in entire Australia.

Photo Credit: Tourism Northern Territory

Tourism NT launched the Million Dollar Fish competition in 2015. They dared to take such a big step because of two things – the huge popularity of Top End as a finishing destination in Australia and the availability of big barra fish in the region. The tourism authority released 100 tagged barramundi worth $10,000 and one tagged with a million dollar prize in the October month. The competitors try to catch these fishes from the Top End waterways during the competition.

The third season is incredible in the sense that the fishers have already caught at least thirteen tagged fishes. However, the million dollar barra is still out there. The competition will officially close on February 28.

Photo Credit: Tourism Northern Territory

If you want to enjoy the beautiful natural attractions of the Northern Territory and catch a million dollar fish in the process, register at the Million Dollar Fish. The registration is free, so even if you can’t catch any prize fish, there will still be plenty of fun.

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