Thailand’s Maya Beach to remain open this winter


Some reports emerged that the Maya Beach, the main tourist attraction of Phi Phi, Thailand, would remain shut down for three months in 2018. However, Thai authorities are yet to make any decision.

In fact, the Phi Phi National Park Office has confirmed that they will keep the park open. It’s a great opportunity for tourists who were disappointed at the possibility of keeping the popular beaches in the Phi Phi Islands closed for visitors.

However, the authorities have taken measures to limit the number of boats in some popular islands including Surin, Similan, and Koh Phi Phi Islands. They will continue to observe and monitor this new measure.

Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand

The authorities were worried about the natural environment of the Koh Phi Phi Lei. Back in mid-2017, they also held discussions about its management, which included the option of keeping the beach closed to the tourists for a certain period. However, no final decision has been made yet.

As a beautiful tourist destination, Thailand has progressed much in the popularity meter. However, the growing number of visitors also brought negative effects on the popular and overcrowded tourist spots. For this reason, the Thai Government becomes more conscious about promoting sustainable tourism development.

Rujiras Chatchalermkit, the TAT Oceania Director, said that TAT now aims for quality over quantity. The tourism industry shifts its focus from attracting the budget travellers to promoting first-class tourism products.

Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand

TAT now markets eco-tourism, agro-tourism, authentic culinary experiences, and wellness retreats for luxury travellers.

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