West Coast to showcase its natural offerings with a campaign


The numerous natural offerings on the West Coast in Tasmania are the focus of the new tourism campaign launched by the Cradle Coast Authority. The campaign works toward the mission of highlighting the wild region and its abundant attractions for micro-adventurers.

The Cradle Coast Authority, the local joint authority for the North-West and Western Tasmania areas, has partnered with We Are Explorers and Spirit of Tasmania for the promotion of the campaign. Theresa Lord, the Tourism Manager of the local governing body, praised their partners and considered them to be the right fit for the current and future market trends.

Ms Lord thought the campaign to be a great platform to showcase not only the natural offerings of Tassie’s West but also the region’s ecological importance. For example, Tarkine, an area in the Savage River National Park, is a migration route for one of the most endangered species – Orange Bellied Parrot.

Ms Lord hoped that the inclusion of the other two companies in this campaign would bring outsider’s perspective, ultimately helping them to create unique experiences for the visitors.

Photo Credit: Cradle Coast Authority


As a part of the campaign, a team from We Are Explorers took a trip from Melbourne aboard Spirit of Tasmania. They also explored through the West Coast to discover its wild beauty.

Visit Tasmanian’s NorthWest and We are Explorers to get more information about the campaign.

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