Travellers Shun The Poor Economy And Opt For More Vacation Time



Despite the slow economy, travellers, adventurers, and families alike, plan on loosening their pockets and giving way to vacations and holidays.

In fact, according to a Wyndham Hotel Group survey, 70% of holiday and vacation seekers plan on spending more in 2012 than they did in 2011.  35% of travellers acknowledged to “most likely” spending more.

The Wyndham Hotel Group sampled over 5,600 people from different countries including:  China, America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Brazil.  Here’s how the survey registered.

Depending upon the market, travellers are set on spending a majority of their dollars on certain activities while on vacation.  Here’s the breakdown:

Travellers who will spend the bulk of their vacation dollars on shopping and dining:

  • 40% of Brazilian travellers
  • 37% of British travellers

Travellers who will spend the bulk of their vacation dollars on tours and entertainment:

  • 36% of Canadian travellers
  • 37% of American travellers
  • 42% of Chinese travellers

Speaking of China and the US, 66% of Chinese travellers, as well as 52% of American travellers, plan on spending additional funds they may have in the bank, on extending their vacations.

According to the survey, many travellers, 43% to be exact, plan on incorporating some sort of major theme park into their trips.

Though American travellers would rather NOT give up their vacation plans in exchange for ‘saving money,’ 24% of people surveyed revealed they would give up vacations all together in order to keep some cash for safekeeping.

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