Australian Tourists Are Big Business For South American Countries


Santa Marta Marina in Colombia

Countries around the world are beginning to recognize that Australian visitors equate to big business.  As a result, a number of key countries have begun a crusade to entice Aussie’s into spending their vacation dollars in their countries.

Chile, Colombia and Argentina are among regions that plan on unleashing new promotional strategies aimed at Australia’s destination seekers.

In August 2012, tourism representatives from the aforementioned nations will visit a number of Australian cities, including Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, to hype up the many touristy hot spots and destinations within their countries.

Carolina Valenzuela, Market Manager for Turismo Chile acknowledges Australian visitors will play a major factor within the tourism industry.

“In 2012 Australia is a growth market for us and one which will continue to build… We are coming to Australia in response to demand from Australian wholesalers and travel agents now seeking more and different information about how to package and sell travel opportunities to more of South America.”

Argentina has been ranked within the top 3, of destination hot spots for visitors flocking to South America.  In fact, tourism has grown 8% within the last year.  Valenzuela recognizes the vast potential of Australian tourists traveling to South America.

“With greater air access, we see significant inbound potential for our countries and that also means business opportunities for the Australian trade…”

“We expect continued growth from the Australian market and together with Aerolineas Argentinas we are making a strong campaign to promote our destination and the airline’s new Airbus services direct from Buenos Aires to Sydney.”

Valenzuela also said places such as Chile are more easily reached than ever before.

 “Expanding air connectivity between Australia and Chile now allows Australians to travel easily to Chile and to deeper South America due to great regional connectivity and frequent daily domestic connections.”

Maria Claudia Lacouture, President of Proexport Colombia said, among other top destinations, Colombia is steadily growing as a main vacation spot for Australians.

 “In 2011 we welcomed 10,363 Australians to Colombia, an increase of 15.4 percent from 2010 so Australia is a fast growing source market for Colombia.”

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