Steps You Should Take to Stay Healthy During Your Vacation


Enjoying Your Vacation

When we plan our vacation, what’s most important is to retreat, relax, and have an amazing time.  The least we think about is keeping our bodies healthy during our fun time, this according to Travelvax, specialists of travel medicine.

In fact, according to a Travelvax study, as much as 3 million Australian travellers, which equate to approximately 20% per year, fell prey to sickness during their vacations.

Travelvax says there are so many steps we can take to keep our bodies in tip, top shape during our travels.


Travel SicknessIf you are on a medication regimen, be sure to pack plenty of it for your trip, and be sure to pack it in your carry on just in case the airline loses your luggage.

Also, depending upon the region in which you’re visiting, your medications may not be available, so be sure to maintain an ample stock of your medicines so that you won’t be caught without.

It’s also wise to carry a physician’s authorization for your medications so that authorities understand you have a permit for your medicines.


vaccinationsIn some countries, prior to entering or leaving, certain vaccinations are mandatory.

At least six weeks or more, prior to departing for your vacation, be sure to contact your local consulate and physician to inquire as to what shots are needed to visit your destination, and what shots are needed to re-enter your own country.

Depending upon the type of vaccination, you may require a number of shots or boosters.  You’ll need plenty of time to recuperate from the experience and allow the medicines to settle.


If you are planning to visit another country, it’s essential that you cover yourself in the event of an accident or you become ill.  Include travel insurance.  Contact your travel agent for information on obtaining the proper type of insurance based on the countries or regions that you’ll be visiting.

Health & Safety Precautions

in-flight-health-tipsWhen the flight attendant embarks upon laying out important safety and health measures prior to departure, we as passengers, tend to zone out and start embarking upon other important measures such as gabbing to the passenger next to us, texting, or checking email.

While you may know the “shtick” bellowed by flight staff, you may not know specific health and safety recommendations on how to avoid certain ailments such as Deep Vein Thrombosis or other illnesses associated with flight or your destination.

It’s vital that you pay strict attention to all health and safety recommendations as it may later come in handy.



While on vacation, we all want to ‘experience the culture through its cuisine,’ though, not at running the risk of developing food poisoning or something worse over unsafe fare.

To avoid turning your vacation into painful or sickly visits to the doctor’s office, it’s suggested that you avoid street foods from vendors such as seafood, dairy products or even salad.  Keep away from water that is not sealed and bottled, or drinks with ice cubes.

Ravinder Lilly, a nutritionist for the dietary supplements company USANA, says staying healthy during your vacation or holiday is crucial, as you’ll need to sustain healthy immunity levels to protect your overall body functions.Hand-Washing-Day

“If you are planning on travelling overseas or a long distance domestic trip, you should consider taking extra precautions now, in order to defend against sickness.”

Lilly advises a number of precautions to keep you healthy:

  • Avoid too much alcohol and carbonated drinks during flight as these liquids can dehydrate you and bring about headaches.
  • Wash your hands and keep sanitizer with you at all times, especially after exiting planes, trains, buses, elevators, or any high trafficked area.

Lilly says awareness is necessary in dodging sickness and disease during your travels.

“Although there are a lot of factors to consider before taking off on a trip your health is the most important, so plan ahead and prepare in order to defend against any nasty bugs.”

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