The 8 most important to-do’s once you check into your hotel


Hotel room

When we check into our hotel room the last thing on our mind is a check list, especially when it comes to our hotel room – right?  It should already be clean, comfortable and accommodating to our needs.  Think again.

Caroline Morse, a travel writer for the Huffington Post’s Smarter Travel, says it’s up to us to reassess our room upon arrival to ensure a relaxed, cozy and secure hotel stay. Our physical condition and security will wane heavily on our next steps.

Post the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door

You never want housekeeping staff to barge in on you so immediately place your ‘do not disturb’ sign on the outside of the door.  Be sure to remove it in the morning if you want your room cleaned.

Check concealed spots

check for bed bugs

Secure the room before you lock yourself in.  Check underneath the bed, in the bathroom, behind the shower curtain, behind the room curtains, under the furniture, anywhere where an outsider could be hiding.  You don’t want a prowler to surprise you.

Do away with comforter

Your sheets are washed and pressed but the comforter, not so much.  Reneta McCarthy, a former housekeeping manager for a major American hotel chain, said hotels may clean the comforters and spreads four times a year. Yikes!

Check for bed bugs

Examine your mattress, headboard and bed frame.  Bed bugs are difficult to detect.  Be on the lookout for brown spots or stains.

Don’t forget to scrutinize your mattress pad and sheets as well.

Learn the fire escape map

It’s unlikely that you’ll be evacuated but it’s best to be prepared in the event of an emergency.



Pack travel size sanitizers to wipe down door knobs, remotes, light switches and phones. Housekeeping staff only clean the surfaces like the bathtub, sink and counter tops.

Reset or unplug the alarm clock

The alarm clock may be set to the last guest’s requirements which may mean a 3:00 AM wake-up call.  If you’re unable to readjust the clock ask staff or unplug it and use your cell phone.

Check that air conditioning and heat are working properly 

The worst is discovering your climate controls do not work in the middle of the night, specifically during the time when hotel maintenance is unavailable.

Check to see if your air and/or heat are working properly as soon as possible or prior to settling down for the evening.

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