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Paul Maric

Paul Maric on location in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Paul Maric has been a freelance travel writer for the past seven years.

Paul’s mainstay is freelance motoring journalism, where he has contributed content to major Australian and international publications for the same time.

Travelling all over the world, Paul has had the chance to stay at some of the finest hotels, eat at the finest restaurants and visit some of the most amazing locations around the world.

His profile picture was taken on location in Lausanne, Switzerland during a travel review for a national publication.

Paul’s favourite place in the world is his home town of Melbourne, Australia, which he says can’t be beaten for a perfect mix of entertainment, sights, sounds and scenery.

Lisa Nikolau
Travel Writer

Lisa Nikolau is a freelance writer who has been specializing in travel, culture and current events since 2012. She currently writes on travel and news related topics for YouTravel.com.au.Lisa_Nikolau_YouTravel_Photo

She has traveled to Peru, throughout west and eastern Europe, and has lived in southern Spain.

Although currently based in Seattle, WA, Lisa jumps on every opportunity to travel somewhere new and to document her experiences through the written word

At the moment, Lisa’s favorite pastimes are learning foreign languages, exploring hiking trails in the Olympic National Forest, and ending the day with friends at one of Seattle’s many microbreweries.

Rory Mukherjee
Travel Writer

Travel Writer Rory Mukherjee on location.

Rory Mukherjee is a freelance article writer specialising in digital photography and travel related topics.

He is also an avid traveller who loves to document his travels in his articles and through his lenses.

Rory currently contributes the latest travel news to YouTravel.com.au and hope to expand his travel prowess in the not too distant future.

Amongst the places that Rory has had the chance to travel as a travel journalist, his favourite is Kedarnath, which he has written about here.

Rory is an avid cameraman and enjoys reviewing cameras in his pastime, why not?!

Tracee Tuesday
Travel Writer

Tracee Tuesday

Radio Personality, Travel Writer, Blogger, Entertainment Journalist and all out Foodie! Tracee Tuesday loves what she does. She attributes her success to the passion she has for the travel, news, music and entertainment industries.

She has worked for a number of music radio stations in the USA including: 98.1 (San Francisco), 94.1 (Omaha), 97.5 (Las Vegas), and currently Power 94 (Oregon).

Tracee has provided entertainment reports for a number of news outlets in the United States including Fox and ABC.

In addition, Tracee has written numerous travel related articles pertaining to: France, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Australia, and Spain.

Tracee’s fun time include: Travelling, White Water Rafting, Astrobiology, Horseback Riding, and as a Foodie, checking out all the cool ‘eats’ around the town!