Passengers are caught in terrifying mid-air arson attack



Etihad flight EY461 to Abu Dhabi, leaving Melbourne around 11PM Monday, arrived hours late in the UAE after a number of episodes left passengers panicked and terrified.

A female traveller who does not want to be identified was a passenger on the flight and recalls the frightful incident.

“Flames were coming from the toilet and smoke filled the cabin. The arsonist first struck about 3 to 4 hours into flight, when we were over the sea. Most passengers were asleep and fairly unaware. It was extinguished and there was an announcement reminding us all smoking was strictly prohibited. Airline staff assumed that’s what caused it,” the passenger said.

“The second fire was in the rear toilet, not far from where I was sitting. I could see the flames and cabin filled with smoke,” the passenger recounted.  The woman said at least two fire extinguishers were used to douse the flames.

A representative from Etihad said the Boeing 777-300ER, had to be re-routed to Jakarta half-way through the flight shortly after the incidents occurred.

“The Abu Dhabi police authorities are currently investigating the incidents and are interviewing crew and passengers,” the spokesman said. “Etihad Airways will release further information as it becomes available,” the Etihad rep said.

The unidentified passenger explained, once the plane landed at Jakarta, every passenger was subjected to a security check which was said to be standard operating procedure.

“It was not thorough, no suspect was identified and we were told by cabin crew that due to immigration issues we could not stay in Jakarta. We had no option but to continue to Abu Dhabi. Passengers were very concerned and the captain came out to reassure those passengers who voiced their concerns. He said that it wouldn’t happen again,” continued the passenger.

However the captain’s reassurance to passengers was to fall upon death ears. Two hours into the flight from Abu Dhabi above the Indian Ocean, someone began lighting small fires within the plane’s lavatories.

The unnamed female passenger continues.

“Try having someone set the plane of fire, in two different places, having to emergency land in Jakarta, get back on after hours of investigations, for the IDIOT to set three more fires in three more toilets while midair and nowhere to land.”

The passenger explained the experience in more detail.

“Initially cabin crew were checking the toilets following everyone, but then the third fire occurred when breakfast was being prepared. It was quickly extinguished, but one of the cabin crew said that because of the compression in the cabin fires needed to be extinguished within 90 seconds,” she said.

“Following that we were asked not to leave our seats, could not use the toilet and no breakfast was served due to security issues. Therefore passengers had only had a muffin and one drink served in approximately a 12 hour period,” the passenger continued.

Upon arriving in Abu Dhabi, passengers were guided from the plane by a police escort. During and after the ordeal many passengers expressed their dismay.

Law enforcement has begun investigating the incident.

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