The walk of death at El Caminito del Rey may be ending


El Caminito del Rey

Thrill seekers who are looking forward to trekking the most chilling and frightening walkway in the world, El Caminito del Rey, otherwise known as King’s Little Path, should plan your trip now if you want to tackle this terrifying catwalk in its current state of creepiness before renovations begin.

Located in El Chorro, near Álora in the region of Málaga, Spain, the path stands 100 metres over the Guadalhorce River, resting on the side of Gaitanes Gorge.

With no support rails, weak and crumbling concrete, visitors risk their life to cross the pathway which spans more than 3 kilometres. In fact in 2000, after two trekkers fell to their death, it’s become so unsafe the path has been shut down on both sides.

The center of the path is still open though it is advised that only experienced climbers attempt to cross the rugged and dodgy terrain.

El Caminito del Rey 2

The overhaul of El Caminito del Rey will begin in May 2014 and is estimated to cost over $4 million. Glass panes will be strategically installed within the path to allow walkers to view the depth of the gorge; safety hand rails will be added; and wooden boards in addition to support beams will replace the crumbling concrete.

Spain’s administration is hoping the facelift will make El Caminito del Rey a safe and exciting tourist destination.

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